Data Recovery

We provide affordable and professional data recovery services in Cape Town and the surrounding areas. All data recovery work is performed by two seasoned investigators with criminal and civil backgrounds using the latest techniques and technologies.

We can perform Cellular forensics as well as Data Recovery from laptops, computers, cell phones and media devices such as tablets. Recovering data is often critical to establishing what a former employee for example did and did not do. We have assisted countless investigators with their requirements to achieve ALL of the evidence. Think of it like this, if you take a book, tear out the index pages and then give it to someone and say "here, you can erase each page as you use it and you have a new book" That's what formatting a hard disk drive is for example. If however you know how to quickly speed read the pages and re-build your index. Ok, this is simplifying the data recovery process, however this illustrates the concept.

Data recovery can be performed on all digital devices such as hard drives, tablets, cellular phones etc. Please contact us directly to discuss your requirements. 


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