Recovery of Chat History

We specialize in recovering your chat history from your cell phone when you are experiencing the inability to access your history due to any reason, including: device or software failures, data corruption, accidental deletion, virus and hack attacks, and even actions of disgruntled employees. WhatsApp, Blackberry Messenger, IOL, Gmail all of these chat programs have databases and leave traces on a cellular handset - and that's where we step in. Our skillset is geared to help you recover the messages that have been deleted and are gone - but not forgotten. 

This is critical information in many court cases these days ranging from criminal matters to civil litigation and of course divorce proceedings as well as CCMA actions. "Cellular Forensics is about getting the full picture of who said what and in what order" David Le Roux - forensic examiner

Make your problem our problem. We stop your worries and get your chat history back.


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