Digital Suspect Profiling

A vast amount of evidence these days is in electronic or digital form, so investigations have become more difficult than in the past. Today, smartphones mean that suspects have multiple forms of communication available to them including whatapp, telegraph, sms WeChat, gmail, twitter, blackberry chat and much more. The great news for investigators and attorneys of course is that this means that a suspects cellular phone or laptop/desktop computer can contain an absolute wealth of information that can be pertinent and useful in the investigative and litigation process.  Yes, acts like POPI do play a role here and we're able to advise accordingly during the process. 

Cellular forensics plays an enormous role in suspect profiling. Together with PC based forensics we are able to provide the full view of who, what, when, where and how

Please bear in mind that our services are of course Forensic and not investigative - we are there to assist in the investigative process. Our offices are based in Cape Town however we do have forensic specialists and associates around South Africa to assist. 

At DLA, we never lose sight of the goal of an investigation, which is to identify the suspects and find the perpetrator using digital suspect profiling and other forensic processes.