Image Enhancement

There's much more to DLA than Cellular Forensics! Image enhancement is the process of adjusting digital images so that they are more suitable for display or further image analysis.

Our aim at DLA, is to improve and enhance images enough to provide better evidence in order for us to identify key features and visuals. One has to bear in mind of course that an image can be ENHANCED but only within the limitations of the lens and the recording equipment. We have had clients approach our cellular forensics Cape Town practice with images taken from 240tvl images that are out of focus, taken at night without low lux illumination  - and well, an image taken with a bad lens and cheap recorder will always just be that.  

Our forensic image capabilities are geared towards establishing common traits and answering common questions - for example, "was that image taken with that specific device?" or "Was that image altered in any way" we also have people bringing us CCTV footage which indeed can in some instances be refined to get a clearer picture of a facial feature or number plate. 

We invite you to contact our Cape Town office (even if you are in Johannesburg or elsewhere) and discuss your particular requirements with our specialists who will assist and advise


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