Mail Recovery

These days email is so important to our businesses and to our lives. However, with just a click, an important message can seem to be gone forever. Our Cape Town based forensic services are able to assist with the recovery of e-mails from laptops, desktop computers, servers and obviously cellular devices. While DLA specialises in cellular forensics, the cross over into mainstream computing cannot be ignored and we work closely with our forensic partners and associates around the country to ensure that we achieve the desired results. 

E-mail is one of the most powerful tools of an investigator or litigator and can be the make or break in many matters. Our forensic examiners use the latest tools and software as well as processes to ensure that our results are acceptable to a court or ccma hearing. 

With our broad range of digital forensic skills, we can give you complete peace of mind by recovering your lost emails. Yes, we have been known to assist the man in the street from time to time where mail has been accidentally deleted or overwritten and we are approached to recover it not for investigative purposes but for personal use. Please contact us directly for additional guidance in this regard 


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