The DLA team comprises seasoned investigators having extensive experience through the SAPS as a criminal investigator, as well as in the commercial environment as a private investigator.

DLA has over two decades of IT experience in leading international companies at managerial level. Over the years we have increasingly become drawn to the field of digital forensics and cellular forensics to close the gap between investigators and technology.

DLA combines their knowledge of investigative practice, business practice and technology to offer a balanced perspective when planning forensic investigations

Craig Pedersen is an experienced commercial investigator with a background in policing practice as well as intelligence operations. Craig has over 15 years experience in the IT and technology field as founder and owner of The Computer Guyz nationally. He has been active in the areas of data recovery and forensics for the past ten years and has worked on countless cases for blue chip companies, investigators and attorneys. 

He combines a passion for technology and investigation to ensure that all cellular forensic and digital forensic investigations are conducted within an acceptable chain of custody to present accurate and replicable results.

DLA works with a range of Associates where necessary. All associates are security cleared prior to engagement to ensure client confidentiality.