Cellular Forensic Recovery Aug 2015

A handset referred by a local investigator was assessed for evidence relative to an allegation of stalking. Cellular call records, deleted SMS'es and photographs were recovered during the process.

The recovery confirmed the version of events supplied by the owner of the handset and exonerated him in conjunction with the investigators inquiries and efforts. Another example of how cellular forensics can not only prove guilt but can also be used to establish innocence. 


Forensic Mail and Social Media Investigation July 2015

A leading export company suspected that a key member of staff had started trading a business within the business which was leading to a loss of income and goodwill.

We were approached to assist with the forensic assessment of the laptop used by the staff member in question.

Within 2 days we were able to recover deleted proposals and e-mail correspondence soliciting business away from the client and diverting it to their own enterprise. The mail chain and recovered items were just the starting point in the investigation and analysis revealed that the staff member had also used service providers of the client to generate marketing material for them at the clients cost. This was verified via deleted Skype conversations and mail trails from their personal Gmail account.

The final forensic report was delivered and that staff member subsequently dismissed and charged criminally.


Forensic Assessment of Internet Activity March 2015

A well-known corporate entity approached us to review the online activity of a key staff member.

In depth assessment of their workstation indicated a pattern of abuse of the company resources and company time. With the appropriate toolset and access to the workstation we were able to ascertain that the employee was spending up to 3 hours per work day surfing the internet for pornography and non-work related material.

The employee was dismissed at a disciplinary hearing where we appeared for the client. The employee took the dismissal up with the CCMA and at a CCMA hearing the commissioner found in favor of the employer and upheld the dismissal on the basis of forensic evidence presented.

Forensic Assessment of workstation January 2015

Approached by a local attorney, we were requested to review and report on the contents of a laptop siezed with an Anton Pillar order as part of a civil claim for damages. The two parties were engaged in civil litigation around the sale of a business and competitive practices. After assessing the unit, we were able to recover documents and email correspondence deleted some months prior and restore these. Upon review of the data, the Attorney was able to provide evidence to support their case. 

Cellular Forensic Recovery January 2015

A local private investigator referred a cellular handset to us for assessment. The handset went missing from their client and was missing for several days before suspiciously re-appearing.

A forensic assessment was undertaken and images recovered from the device that were taken during the days it was missing. Images clearly indicated in whose possession the handset had been during that time. In addition, it was evidenced that the handset had been connected to several Wi-Fi hotspots many kilometers away from where the handset was found.

Confronted with the forensic evidence from the cellular phone, the employee confessed to the investigator.