SMS Recovery

Sending SMS's are great. Right up until the point your phone breaks or you need to find a message from a few years ago. Fortunately two experienced cellular forensics investigators can retrieve and recover your SMS’s without the headache. We do find that the "smarter" the handset, the more sms data is available. Every cellular handset has 20 store positions on the sim card where messages can be saved by the device - we are also able to interrogate and retrieve these message slots directly from the sim card. 

An SMS message can be a powerful tool for an attorney or investigator in tying up who said and did what, where they were when they did so and how the message was sent within a chain of events. With the latest tools and forensic software we are able to assist investigators and attorneys from our Cape Town offices on a national basis. We are of course also able to do full data recovery on a cellular handset including recovering photos, recovering videos and call histories. 

Our experts are able to forensically acquire material from basic handsets to the latest smartphones, from all mobile and cell phone manufacturers using a range of advanced forensic and data recovery techniques. 

 "SMS recovery is one of our core services - it's the most asked for cellular forensic recovery service in South Africa at the moment" David Le Roux - cellular examiner

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